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July 2010

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zhie in nanoerlo


This nano has taken more out of me than any other. Just... I don't know, maybe it's trying to write on three different pairs equally rather than focus on one; maybe it's the social issues with each one (one couple dealing with homosexuality, two of them dealing with semi-incestuous relationships, and the last one dealing with a socioeconomical/class issue). Anyhow, here's an excerpt. I hope I didn't show this one already... Turgon and Celegorm having a little conversation.

Celegorm waited until the door was closed again and unfolded the letter. He smiled as he read it over and over, delighting in every word. There was a knock on the door, and quickly, he hid the letter he had been reading as Turgon stepped in. “Why did you bother to knock if you were just going to come in here?”

“Why did you bother to keep your door unlocked if you did not want people to come in?” Turgon walked over toward the bed and dragged over the chair his brother had been sitting in earlier. “Your mother said you were having trouble sleeping.” There was a bottle in his hand and now Turgon pulled a corkscrew from his pocket.

“What business is it of yours?”

“I thought we could have a drink together.” Turgon steadied the bottle between his legs and twisted the screw into the cork. “I know you are not in the best spirits, and sometimes these spirits can help.” The cork sprang off and hit the wall, causing Celegorm to curse at him. “Do not worry. I have yet to put a hole into a wall.”

Celegorm took hold of the bottle that was held out to him and took a swig. “You do know that I am going to drink all of this myself,” he said as he held the bottle close to his chest.

“Yes, I had a feeling that was going to be the case. I have two bottles downstairs for the rest of us to have with dinner, and another for you as well.” Turgon turned the chair around so that he could prop his arms on the back of it. “Did you have a good time?”

“Hmm?” Celegorm slogged down half the bottle before he answered. “Sure. I guess. It would have been nice if it had been longer. You know, there was one day when you almost found us.”

“Did I?”

“You were hunting with a bunch of other people, and you looked up into the tree we were in. You said something about a strange bird, and we thought you had seen us.”

“Oh.” Turgon nodded. “Right, I remember that. Funny, I did not realize you had stayed so close.”

“We went all the way out to sea with the Teleri.” Celegorm took another long drink. “But, we came back again. We should have stayed at sea.”

“You would have come back eventually,” reasoned Turgon. “I wish I could have gone with you,” he said wistfully.

“Really?” questioned Celegorm incredulously.

“Absolutely,” Turgon replied. “I have always wanted to, you know, run away. Hide for a while.” He smirked. “Go somewhere that no one could find me.”

Celegorm laughed and finished the rest of the bottle. “Turgon, I have no doubt, that if you were ever to go into hiding, you are the only one among us able to hold his tongue and keep from making a stupid mistake that would lead you to being discovered.”

“Yes, I do believe you are right about that,” Turgon agreed. “I can be quite sneaky when I want to be. Speaking of which,” he added as Celegorm finished the rest of the liquor, “I added a sleeping potion to that.”

“I know.” Celegorm titled his head back and slurped the remaining drops from the bottle. “This stuff is too good for me to care.”

there is a write-in tomorrow, and another on Saturday. I hope to be at goal by Saturday night.