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July 2010

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zhie in nanoerlo


With any luck, this will be my final nano post and the next time i'm on here will be to announce i've finished and am in the process of editing.

To that end, here's the final batch of excerpts... a little Fingon/Maedhros; a little Celegorm/Aredhel. Thought it would be a great end to the excerpts... we'll title this batch 'cousins in love'. Hey, these pairings are Tolkien's fault, not mine... he eluded to them... I just made them blatently obvious...

Fingon slid out of bed to relieve himself in the chamber pot, and when he returned was unexpectedly pulled down and wrestled onto his side. “This is nice,” decided Maedhros as he wound one leg around Fingon’s thigh. “I rather like this position,” he added as he ground against his lover’s back.

There was a little scramble and tussle as they each attempted to best the other. Fingon used the headboard for leverage and shoved back to dislodge Maehdros before pouncing him; Maedhros took advantage of the move and momentum to roll from his back to end of the bed so that Fingon was beneath him now. They continued their rough play until a sharp knock on the door made them freeze.

“The twins just woke up and thought that there was a bear in the room,” whispered Feanor. “They are going to come and sleep in the room with your mother and I, but do try to keep the noise down.”

“Sorry,” whispered Maedhros back. Fingon pulled the bit of sheet he could reach over his head, mortified.

Feanor made sure he could be heard leaving the door to walk down the hallway. Fingon peeked from behind the cloth and Maedhros grinned back at him. “This is not funny,” scolded Fingon. “I do not want your father to stop letting me come here because I cause disturbances.”

“Father likes you,” Maedhros assured his cousin. “You have nothing to worry about... except maybe this!” he said as he flipped Fingon onto his back and pressed himself down against him. “Mmm... I love having you in my bed.” Maedhros nipped at the back of Fingon’s neck and shoulders, while Fingon closed his eyes and gently groaned in pleasure. “I wish you could be a permanent resident.”

“I should like to be able to get out of the bed sometime,” said Fingon, though his response was mumbled as Maedhros kissed his way down his back.

“I suppose we need to find you a suitable honeymoon suite,” said the captain as the rest of the crew began to drift either to their beds or their evening posts. “It would be crude to have you share the cook’s bed in the middle of the sleeping berth for everyone to watch.” The captain gave them a wink as he led the way down the ladder into the lower part of the ship.

“What about the rope room?” suggested the quartermaster. “We have ample room there to string up a hammock for them.”

“A hammock for two – there is an adventurous way to spend a honeymoon!” shouted one of the crewmembers. The others laughed as well. Someone brought out a hammock from a storage chest, and the room was quickly readied by the other sailors. Someone even found a few extra candles to place on a ledge, and some dried herbs were placed into a mug and turned into a makeshift vase.

“This is so cute,” decided Aredhel as she looked into the room once it was vacated. “Thank you all so much.”

In the few hours that they had been aboard, Aredhel had managed to charm all of the fishers, from the cabin boy to the captain. Celegorm, though known to keep more to himself, had been able to win their appreciation through his cooking. “Thank you,” he said, echoing Aredhel’s sentiment. His eyes focused on the single hammock in the room, and he smiled in spite of himself to know that he and Aredhel would have to cuddle up together on the swaying bed.

“Off you go, then,” shooed the captain. “I am sure you want time to rest before we rise tomorrow.”

Before Celegorm could get Aredhel into the room and get the door closed, one of the crewmembers said, “Give her a kiss for us, then!”

“Hush, there, that is no way to go about it. Allow them their privacy,” scolded the captain.

The quartermaster sided with the crew. “Come now, the boys just want a little romance on the ship. Anyway, I am sure these newlyweds can hardly keep their hands from one another.”

Not wishing to ruin the guise, Celegorm slid his arm around Aredhel’s waist. “If you insist,” he said, and without warning roughly pulled Aredhel close and kissed her hard before she knew just what was happening. The crew hooted and hollered, and seemed generally appeased when Celegorm let Aredhel up for air. “Good night!” he announced as he pushed Aredhel into the room and quickly closed the door behind them.

Aredhel wandered to the hammock in a daze, blush coloring her cheeks. When it sounded like the captain had chased the last of the crewmembers away from the door, she said, “I think you convinced everyone that we are married. You nearly could have fooled me!”

“Is that such a bad thing?” asked Celegorm.


Mmmmm Fingon/Maedhros...me likey!

Wicked word count, to boot! Congrats.