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July 2010

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hareatic in nanoerlo

And Now For My Final Act....

My NaNo is over!! My goal met to write at least 3 days every week. I've already completed three days this week (I start on Sundays) AND the story is DONE!!!!! Yay!!! It's been fun, and thanks for the encouragement. "The Last Message" is off for a canon/fanon check, then I will let it sit for about 7 days before editing once more, then off to beta. Final word count, 13,078. Not too shabby.

Here is a little snippet....Arwen dreams...


But sleep brought me no respite for that same night I dreamed vividly….a golden light swirled around me whispering in an odd language, yet understanding taunted me just at the edge of knowledge. A letter wrapped in the same stamped ribbon from the package drifted just out of my reach. Each time I approached it danced away in a swirl of golden beams, leaving my hands and arms covered in golden sparkles. I chased it, undaunted as it floated through the corridors of the Last Homely House, down the staircase, through the kitchens, and up a chimney. I raced out the door and caught a glimpse of it swirling around in the upper currents heading towards the knobby hill where I had played as a child. It looked so different in my dream. The knoll, no longer rocky but smoothly covered in green, lush plant growth and on the very top stood the same tree from the stamped ribbon. Tall and noble it twitched frantically, its movements creating a mournful song as its leaves shriveled from the branches and fell to the ground. Swaying to the melancholy of that song was a field of celandine. The yellow flowers trembled with each note and their petals wilted and dropped. My legs faltered as I sprinted up the hill but I knew the letter contained all my sought after answers, and I could not let it reach the tree. As if sensing my desperate thoughts, the golden light hurtled forward, the letter gleefully bouncing within. Its path suddenly destructive, scourging away the life from the green hill leaving, once again, the bare crag. Dead leaves and petals swirled in a giant golden whirlwind, the letter on top, and it raced off to the clouds until all fell silent.


I awoke gasping for breath and fighting the cover which had wrapped itself around my legs. Sweat rolled down my body and my sheets were wet from the exertion yet I shivered suddenly cold. The dream still vivid in my mind, I knew it foretold certain doom - Erestor’s death.


Oh that is evol! How dare you post that? Those two words? ARGH! If I wasn't so loopy from no sleep and working too long I would come after you, woman!

*pouts petulantly*
Ooooooo, I did think about you before I posted this, knowing I have evol cliffied you many times before. But then I was sure you loved me enough to forgive me another. EXCEPT I forgot to factor in lack of sleep...hehehe.

Grrl, come get me!

*pets you*

Congratulations! *throws confetti*

Ack! How horrible of a dream, though. Maybe she's... misinterpreting it? Tricky tricky.

I think it's official. You're going to have me reading het. *gasp*
Thank you, my dear! Yay!!! It feels so good to get this one completed. Of course there will be editing, possibly a lot.

Ahhh yes you are a smart smart woman, Lalaith. But you will get nothing further from me regarding the dream. Nope. You'll just have to read my het story!