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July 2010

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LOTRO: Gwyndir

lalaith_raina in nanoerlo


Talk about cutting it close.

I finished my last line right at midnight. *collapses*

I didn't write the whole thing, per se. I wrote the highly detailed spark notes version. I "told not showed". I didn't want to, but I had 30 minutes till December, and a wedding reception and bonding scene to write. ...Yeah. So I sparknoted my own story. The plus, though, is I have every single detail plotted out. All I need to do is sit down and add the sensory details and the emotion to it. And the way I'm viewing it, that's total editing, not writing.

I did it. Final word count is:

43846 / 25000 words. 175% done!

*buffs fingernails on shirt*

Anyways, congratulations to everyone here who finished (and before 12 AM December 1st, no less), and to everyone who may have been working silently, as well.

We survived!

The rest of the meal passed in relative peace except for the occasional glances between Erestor and Glorfindel, or the delicate hand that slipped down to rest on his thigh while Glorfindel ate. 

“Unca ‘Restor!  Story time please?” Arwen called out as soon as her father had put down his goblet and pushed his chair slightly away from the table.  Erestor smiled and looked up to Elrond, who nodded.

“That sounds like a splendid idea, Arwen.  If you wouldn’t mind?”

Erestor nodded as he stood and pulled Arwen’s chair out for her.  “Not at all.  And what would my little princess like to hear tonight?” he asked as she took his hand, causing him to have to stoop over as he walked.  She dragged him back into the seating room and pulled him to the floor near the hearth so she could snuggle into his lap again.

“I’unno.  Something with a princess who’s really pretty and everyone loves her.”

Elladan suddenly dropped to Erestor’s left.  “And a brave prince who slays ten balrogs!”

Before Erestor could comment on the suggestions, Elrohir was leaning against his right shoulder.  “And a wise young elf who tells the brave prince he’s an idiot and saves him from becoming balrog biscuits.”

Celebrian was giggling as she sat down in a chair near the small group, and she tilted her head to smile at the scene.  It was nice to see the councilor finally relaxed and as open as he had ever been, but always too shy to let himself shine.  She looked up when she noticed both Glorfindel and her husband were absent from the scene, and as Erestor tried to mediate the odd form of story-telling the twins had taken up, she spotted the two elf lords out on the balcony gazing at the stars.  Arwen’s laughter brought her back, and she listened as Erestor began a story about the princess who had ten pet balrogs that the brave prince didn’t fight due to the wise younger elf’s council and instead everyone (even the balrogs) played with the princess’ doll collection.


That is an awesome word count! You almost did a FULL Nano without really trying. Dayum, grrl. Bravo!

Editing is a bitch, isn't it?

Looking forward to reading your masterpiece.