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July 2010



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Nov. 15th, 2008




I plotted things out last night. If all goes as planned, I will have 22 chapters in this story, and will actually have the story finished when Nano is done. I may even have a bit of trouble actually hitting 50k within the 22 chapter confine, but have a nice little follow-up story I can tack onto the end if needed. I believe I have nine of the chapters completed already, six not started, and seven started but unfinished.

This is going quite well now compared to the gargantuous chapters of Consequences or the massive mess of Unforgettable (26 thousands words of that are yet to be posted, in fact).

Today I'm going to the long midway write-in party. My goal is to be at 30k before SNL airs tonight.

No excerpt at the moment; my flash drive is still sleeping from last night. Hopefully I'll remember to toss one up while I'm at the write-in... free wifi at a cafe is a beautiful thing.

Also, my title is seeming less appropriate, however, I like it so I'm keeping it. Nyah.

Nov. 14th, 2008




It's short, there's nothing worrisome in it, so, I defy you LJ-Cut! Mwahaha! (And I WILL make 25k today... I am sure of it!)

-Chapter Something-

There was a definite lack of concentration on Fingon’s part the next day at the gym. He gave fewer pointers than he usually did, and instead of paying careful attention to the routines he found his mind wandered more to the events of the previous evening.

His lack of attention did not go unnoticed by the coach, and at the end of the day’s practice he was waved into the office. Wordlessly, he followed and shut the door behind as he entered.

“Fingon, there is something I would like to talk to you about.” Insertcoachnamehere perched on his desk and gave Fingon one of his serious looks. His hands were folded together before him, but as he started to get further into his speech, he gestured with them often, but gracefully. “You may have noticed that I am not one to give idle praise – if someone works very hard, I am more than willing to acknowledge it, but I find that one should strive to meet their goals without the influence of others in the form of kind yet untruthful words. Criticism, on the other hand, is very necessary.”

The coach stepped down and walked across the room to the display shelves that housed many trophies and awards. “Red Fern is not a very old team, but we are fierce. We do not always make first place, but we do our best.” He looked over his shoulder. “I do not think you have been doing your best, have you, Fingon?”

“I have been doing all that has been asked of me,” answered Fingon. “I come here on time, I stay late when there is a match the next day, and I help the team hone their skills. Are there other tasks which I have been remiss in performing?”

“It is not that you have not completed the tasks, but that you are not putting in your full focus. Other things are clouding your mind. I do not know how the Whitecloud team functioned, but things are different here. I expect everyone’s commitment to be to this team. Only then can our best performance be given. Does that make sense to you?” asked insertcoachnamehere.

Fingon nodded after a moment. “Is that all, sir?”

“No. I am going to be interviewing a few of your peers over the next week. They were all second choices when we first considered you, but seeing as how you lack a certain... quality that we were hoping for, we may replace you. Then again, we may not,” added the coach. “I guess what I am telling you is that if you are serious about staying here with Red Fern, now would be the time to show that.”

“I understand.” Fingon swallowed hard. “May I be excused?”

The coach waved toward the door, and Fingon slowly rose and left.

Even when he had been scolded by his father, he had never felt so talked down to. He waited until he gathered his gear and walked out of the gym and into the garden to slide down to the ground beside a tree. With his eyes closed, he willed himself not to get emotional over the conversation. A few deep breaths turned his embarrassment to anger. His desire to return home was returning, but his want to prove his father wrong was strong in him.

He allowed himself a few more minutes to calm down before he returned to his feet and made the short journey back to the house. By the time he was home, he had talked himself into leaving the assistant position, and then back into staying again. When he sat down for dinner with Maglor, he silently plotted to stay until he found another position at some other gym. By the time he had readied for bed, he had convinced himself that he was much too talented to work for someone else anyhow and should open a gym of his own. The next morning, he rose early, bathed, and headed back to the gym to prove how dedicated he was to his craft.

Nov. 12th, 2008


Day Twelve

Oh, yeah. On a roll. 1122 words in just 90 minutes. Arwen and Erestor had a nice dramatic confrontation. Who knew they were both so damn stubborn? I even managed to get to some of that yucky sex stuff down..like kissing. Ewwww, het!

A little excerpt from said yucky sex stuff...."I licked my lips savoring the the lingering heat of his kiss and the smooth taste of solstice nog."

Woot! yss AND mention of the winter solstice. I've been so caught up trying to capture the essence of Arwen that I've been forgetting to work Winter in there. Ah well, tomorrow is another night.

The halfway point approacheth!

Nov. 11th, 2008

LOTRO: Gwyndir


A pop-in to say hello. :3

Well, I figured I should drop by and say hello, and offer some encouragement and congratulations to everyone working on NaNo. :3

Where have the past ten days gone? One-third of the way done already. Time always goes fast when you have something to do. :T

Right now I'm personally rather far ahead of schedule, though I have an English paper to write so I'll likely lose a day or two to that. That's alright, though, since I had a productive day. About 5000 words today - I'm still not sure how that happened, either. I do know I haven't done two homework assignments because of it.  (Shhh.  Clearly, Erestor and Glorfindel are more important than schoolwork.)  But! I'm past my halfway point. :3

12622 / 25000 words. 50% done!

*takes a bow*

And so I'm not popping in here just to show off the pretty word count, a tiny fic excerpt. :]

Nov. 10th, 2008


Et tu, Monday

Alas the most pitiful day of the week has come and gone. I kicked some srrious ass yesterday with a daily count of 1211. No sniggering zhie , Miss Prolific! Today 593 words. Yes, yes, I'm getting closer to Arwen and Erestor actually having sex. Ewwwwww, het! Got some ideas about the big event but hoping I'll receive more inspiration soon.

*assumes lotus position, searches for inner eye*

Nope, no inspiration there. Guess I'll have to go back to good old fashioned smutty thoughts! Oh and writing in first person is really harder than I remembered. Hmmmmm....onward Nanoerlo!

Nov. 9th, 2008




Alright, so, here's the update.

Thanks to Mark, I have an actual plot. This is good, because at 10k in, I didn't. It's very difficult to write 10 thousand words of nothing.

As for excerpts... I present two of them since I've been remiss. The first is from what will be chapter six (at the moment, I have four complete chapters... 1, 2, 3, and 6); it features various members of the Finwe family.

The second is a further along part which can really go just about anywhere, and features Turgon with guest appearances by Ecthelion and Thranduil.

As always, enjoy!

from the chapter titled DeceptionCollapse )

from the chapter yet untitledCollapse )


Where did 9 Days Go???

Ok this week was a whirlwind of craziness. Not gonna go there, but I did manage to sit down and get my 3 days of writing in. Actually managed 4 days since I wrote yesterday.

I can't believe the story is actually moving along fairly well. Hubby actually inspired a scene yesterday when he played me a wacky song from a group Matching Mole. Well....that sent my mind to Gondolin which then...fast forward...spurred this scene between Arwen and Elrond where Arwen gets another clue to the mystery she is attempting to unravel. Ah yes. Hubbies ARE good for more than just the bed and taking out garbage!

Word count is a pitiful 3051 BUT mine is a modified-Nano so feeling good.

Nov. 3rd, 2008




The write-in was kind to me... I'm trudging along...

This next part in some ways recalls the story "Violets for Elladan", so, if you like Nessa and Orome, then I suggest if you've not read VFE that you do so... yeah, it's het for those of you who are slashers, but, there's slashishy bits in it.

Read more...Collapse )



Tonight's excerpt is from chapter two; at least, it's chapter two for now.

Tomorrow night there's a write-in, so I'm confident I'll make it to 5K tomorrow. I'm shooting for 7500 for tomorrow night, actually.

Read more...Collapse )

Nov. 2nd, 2008


Day Two

337 words. 

Hey that's 337 times better than yesterday. My true NaNo goal is to write at least 3x/week and get my Winter Writing Challenge story done. Not a true NaNo goal, but I always do modified-NaNo so it works for me. If I write everyday so much the better.

I'm gakking this from zhie  and posting a snippet. Ok actually just one line from the story.

Arwen to Elladan and Elrohir.

“You both smell of wine and perfume. Have you been drinking and whoring again, my brothers?”

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