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Jul. 6th, 2010



LJ Game/Community ("LandComm") that might be of interst


Now, if you join -- first, make sure you credit me -- 'cause I get points

Secondly -- I used to be on Team Mordor, now I'm on Team Lorien -- I will say, I watched all four teams closely this last go, and while Team Mordor managed the most points and was a very social group on Skype, Team Lorien seemed the most organized of all of the groups. Can't tell you anything about the Shire or Gondor.

Basically, I plan to be the Gildor of the game and just travel all around and all over and hit every team at least once. Your results may vary.

Dec. 1st, 2008

LOTRO: Gwyndir



Talk about cutting it close.

I finished my last line right at midnight. *collapses*

I didn't write the whole thing, per se. I wrote the highly detailed spark notes version. I "told not showed". I didn't want to, but I had 30 minutes till December, and a wedding reception and bonding scene to write. ...Yeah. So I sparknoted my own story. The plus, though, is I have every single detail plotted out. All I need to do is sit down and add the sensory details and the emotion to it. And the way I'm viewing it, that's total editing, not writing.

I did it. Final word count is:

43846 / 25000 words. 175% done!

*buffs fingernails on shirt*

Anyways, congratulations to everyone here who finished (and before 12 AM December 1st, no less), and to everyone who may have been working silently, as well.

We survived!

Nov. 25th, 2008


And Now For My Final Act....

My NaNo is over!! My goal met to write at least 3 days every week. I've already completed three days this week (I start on Sundays) AND the story is DONE!!!!! Yay!!! It's been fun, and thanks for the encouragement. "The Last Message" is off for a canon/fanon check, then I will let it sit for about 7 days before editing once more, then off to beta. Final word count, 13,078. Not too shabby.

Here is a little snippet....Arwen dreams...


Arwen Dreams...Collapse )

Nov. 23rd, 2008

LOTRO: Gwyndir


Half Done with Draft One.

My goal had been to finish before going to bed tonight (er, well, this morning?). And... that didn't happen. I'm about halfway done.
Problem? I'm definitely at 23 pages. And not quite halfway. So... *scratches neck and clears throat* Yeah. It's going to take a lot of editing, but I'm pretty sure this story is going to be a helluva lot longer than intended.
I'm still hoping to finish this before the week begins, but I'm not too sure anymore. I think I've gotten past the hardest parts. Being a fluff-writer, getting the muses to actually angst and yell at each other took thought and effort. But the rest should be fluff, and that's my forte.

Since angst is one of those things that draws people in, I'll tempt you with an excerpt and hope that it's enough to make people forget how huge this story is getting.


Erestor reflects on a fight he had with Glorfindel earlier in the day.Collapse )


Nov. 22nd, 2008




My 50,000th word was 'Darling', uttered by Celegorm to Aredhel.

And so comes to an end my 4th Nanowrimo journey.

This one fought with me to the end.

Next year, I'm already considering what I'm going to write for original, because I'm not sure about another fanfic.

I can haz cheesecake now?

Now I need to find someone to proofread this monster...



With any luck, this will be my final nano post and the next time i'm on here will be to announce i've finished and am in the process of editing.

To that end, here's the final batch of excerpts... a little Fingon/Maedhros; a little Celegorm/Aredhel. Thought it would be a great end to the excerpts... we'll title this batch 'cousins in love'. Hey, these pairings are Tolkien's fault, not mine... he eluded to them... I just made them blatently obvious...

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

Nov. 19th, 2008




This nano has taken more out of me than any other. Just... I don't know, maybe it's trying to write on three different pairs equally rather than focus on one; maybe it's the social issues with each one (one couple dealing with homosexuality, two of them dealing with semi-incestuous relationships, and the last one dealing with a socioeconomical/class issue). Anyhow, here's an excerpt. I hope I didn't show this one already... Turgon and Celegorm having a little conversation.

Read more...Collapse )

there is a write-in tomorrow, and another on Saturday. I hope to be at goal by Saturday night.


Day Whatevah!!

No frickin' clue...days, weeks are flying by. Writing continues at a slow tortuous clip. Hmmmmm, that might be an oxymoron.

"The Last Message" has become a monster! 11206 words and counting...that's 34 pages. YIKES! Still there is much editing to do and I am struggling through the het sex scene *yawn*. I hope to get it down below 10K before this is all over, but I'm not feeling optimistic.

On the good news front I'd thought this story was due on Dec 9th but I looked at the challenge website again and it says Dec 19th. Woot! I'll need those extra 10 days.

An excerpt.....

Nightly dreams of Erestor sneaking into my rooms, aggressively laying waste to my virginity, taunted me.

Nov. 17th, 2008




First things first... title change. Do not look for Sono Luminus.

Is now Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Secondly... this is more like it! I was seriously doubting on my word count.

And now... excerpts from tonight!

We shall have... two! Two I say!

And the story itself... first 8 chapters are DONE. Ready for posting... not sure if I will start yet or not.

Turgon and Elenwe on their first dateCollapse )

From the chapter I'm Through with the showCollapse )

Nov. 15th, 2008


Are You Ready to Rumble????

A fight, a fight! Yeah, Arwen and Erestor got down and dirty today. Nope, not the yucky sex stuff yet. I plan to hit that tomorrow. Today they fought. Wow. Interesting. I keep hoping Erestor doesn't seem too mean or distant...well I do want him to be a bit distant. There's a reason, you see. Can't tell. It's a secret.

Ok on Thursday I managed another 989 words and today I wrote before AND after the symphony.  Total = 1152!!!!! I did have a pretty good start on this story before NaNo began, so I am creeping up on 10,000 words!

Mysterious teaser...you'll never guess who says this..."My heart beats panicked in my chest, it fights to emerge and be reunited with you."

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