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July 2010

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hareatic in nanoerlo

Day Whatevah!!

No frickin' clue...days, weeks are flying by. Writing continues at a slow tortuous clip. Hmmmmm, that might be an oxymoron.

"The Last Message" has become a monster! 11206 words and counting...that's 34 pages. YIKES! Still there is much editing to do and I am struggling through the het sex scene *yawn*. I hope to get it down below 10K before this is all over, but I'm not feeling optimistic.

On the good news front I'd thought this story was due on Dec 9th but I looked at the challenge website again and it says Dec 19th. Woot! I'll need those extra 10 days.

An excerpt.....

Nightly dreams of Erestor sneaking into my rooms, aggressively laying waste to my virginity, taunted me.


I hear ya. I have the feeling my story will end up being put on hold soon. So I keep telling myself as long as I'm done by the 15th, it's all good.

You might have me reading het. That's a scary thought. But I'm sure the scene will work out. :] If it's not coming together, walk away from it and go do something else. You may be thinking too hard. :3 I know that's what has been happening with my stories.

I really do hope you read my het story because in all my stories I try to put in a bit of surprise. I think you might like what I've concocted here!

Plus, Im looking forward to seeing what youve created during Nano so dont put it on hold for too long!!

P.S. I love all your tips on writing. To complete the het sex scene, Im currently looking for a pic that suits the mood.
Oooh, mysterious sounding! :3 Haha, I have the feeling I'll be too curious a kitten not to read it.

Well thanks! :] I'm pushing myself to finish a draft by this weekend, but I keep rethinking what direction to take it. *sigh* Silly muses keep changing their minds.

And thank you, that's wonderful! :D I'm super glad to know I could help. *hugs*